Parkham Global is a sports and entertainment consulting firm that specializes in management and marketing.  With a full scope, 360º approach - we analyze each business and identify where it is at present, where its going, and how to get there.  We work with various levels of clients and cover all types of businesses within entertainment: artists, venues, start-ups, athletes, and more.


Parkham Global is based in Los Angeles, with additional offices in Charlotte and Seattle. 



As a full service management company, we have clients we manage exclusively  and on a full time basis, client's that retain us monthly, and short-term project specific clients. This allows us to work across and cover the various needs for each individual client. As a full time client, we are at the forefront of your team and often lead your business in its entirety. For those who are looking for a consistent part-time team player and more overall project guidance, a monthly retainer allows us to be actively engaged and in the loop on a weekly basis. If you have one specific goal or project, that typically get classified as short term for anything 6 months or less. 



Going on the road and need help with tour marketing? Struggling with  engaging online content? Looking to promote something, but unsure about advertising spend? Maybe you just need some input on creative direction? Whether you're looking to build a radio campaign, a music video, or define your voice on social media - there are many aspects of marketing and several ways to approach each of them. We are here to not only help you define your audience, but to help you get in front of them. Let us know about your project and what you think your audience looks like. 



Looking to build your brand, but want to understand your digital footprint? Are you ready to put out new music, but unsure of exactly what all that entails? Do you want merchandise, but need help developing products and launching an online store? Or perhaps you just need a bio written and a one sheet built? All of these fall within our scope of consulting work. They're project based and typically fulfill short-term needs. No ask is too small and our goal is to seamlessly work alongside an existing business to help solve a problem.